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The Blue Starlite is the worlds one and only MINI URBAN BOUTIQUE Drive-In Movie theater - 11 years running! A boutique drive-in movie theater for the next generation of outdoor movie lovers.

That's right, We are the guys and gals that jump started the NEW DRIVE-IN RESURGENCE that is currently sweeping the nation!​ We only take 15-40 cars a night depending on our location and screen so YOU get all the attention you deserve on your night out with us. The most intimate, personal, one of a kind Drive-in experience in the world!

We concentrate on childhood favorites, drive-in classics, indie films, art house, Cult, and Gen X/Y pop culture faves . A new drive-in experience is born right in the heart of the city.

We ARE the drive- in movie theater for the modern age.


Before buying tickets

  • If all the car slots are sold out, then we have no more car slots available for that show

  • If you do not have a car slot for a Drive-in show, you do not have a ticket to enter the drive-in. After you pick at least 1 "car Slot ticket" you can add additional passengers to your order!

  • Additional passengers must bein the car with you when you drive-in

  • There are no walk-in options except for our Mueller Forest and StarBite Screens

Refunds and Make-up Tickets

  • We do not offer refunds. We offer make-up tickets for nights we have to cancel

  • On nights we are rained out, we will create a make-update that you can use your ticket for. You can request a change of date/movie when we send you your raincheck

  • If the drive-in is required to close for a period of time by government mandate (ie - shelter in place), we will move all currently posted movie dates and tickets

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